About Resonants

The Resonants are an independent, non-profit ensemble of young professionals and university students who came together through a common love of choral music. 2009 is the twentieth year of the choir, and we will be holding a concert in November 2009 to pay tribute to the Resonants’ first 20 years.

Most singers have been trained in voice, with some also having studied another instrument. All members are competent sight readers and this allows us to learn all types of interesting music quickly. See our music for a sample of our repertoire.

The choir regularly presents our own concerts, as well as performing with other artists. We are often invited to sing as special guests at embassy receptions, exhibition openings and cultural festivals, and have successfully competed in numerous eisteddfods in Canberra and the region, including winning the ACT state final of ABC Classic FM’s inaugural Choir of the Year Competition in 2006.

The Resonants have collaborated with other artists such as Musica da Camera, Black Mountain Brass, Teresa Rabe (flute), Minh Le Hoang (guitar), Nicole Canham (clarinet), Anthony Smith (piano), Louise Page (soprano), Phillipa Candy (piano), Robert Schmidli (piano) and tango musicians and dancers from Argentina. The group also accepts engagements for private functions (subject to availability) and aims to perform at least one charity concert each year.Contact us to enquire about our availability and rates.

The Resonants usually rehearse in Red Hill between 7.30pm and 9.30pm on Monday nights, with extra rehearsals scheduled as necessary. While rehearsals require a great deal of concentration, they are also a lot of fun. The Resonants also hold regular social events such as weekends away, dinners and barbecues. Contact us if you are interested in joining – we always welcome enquiries from potential new members!

The ensemble is managed by a small committee of volunteer singers, and all members contribute to the group’s decisions about repertoire, performances and other activities.

Home Insurance Quote

Home Insurance Quote

There are many reasons for needing a new home insurance quote. Reasons may include meeting requirements for closing on a home, shopping for a better rate, or researching rates in a different state when relocating. When shopping for the quote, there are a few pieces of information that you will be required to provide your agent.

Information About You and Other Residents

Personal information required for a new Youi home insurance quote includes the name, date of birth, Social Security Number, job information, and contact information. Other questions you may be asked includes number of residents, number of pets and their breeds, length of time in the home, and if anyone in the home smokes. You will also be asked if you have any current coverage and the estimated cost to rebuild the home.

Previous and Current Insurance Information

When you need to inquire about a new home insurance quote, you will also need to provide information about previous and current insurance. This is used to determine if you are eligible for discounts by bundling your home insurance plan with automobile insurance. Questions you may be asked include if you have automobile insurance, length of time with the insurer, number of claims, and the policy number.

Information About the House

A new home insurance quote will require information about the property to be insured. Questions that will be asked include style of the house, type of roof, square footage, types of floors, and year it was built. If the house is currently mortgaged, you will be asked information about the lender and information about the lender of a second mortgage if applicable. Finally, you will be asked if there are any custom designs or finishes, alarms, distance to a fire hydrant, and home systems.

Personal Property and Valuables Information

You will be asked about your jewelry, guns, collectibles, and antiques. This information is needed in order to create your home insurance quote so these valuables can be covered in the event of theft or damage.

While the agent writing your new home insurance quote may be asking a lot of personal questions, this information is needed to provide the best possible coverage and make sure you are not under-insured.